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About us

M.J. Cleaning Services was founded in 2016 completely by accident. I cleaned in primary and high schools both early morning and evenings while attending both College and University.  This gave me a great base knowledge and experience of the industry. In the past I have worked as a manager running hotels, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and coffee shops as well as an area manager for a well known bakery company, part of these positions was the overseeing of cleaning. I always insisted on the highest of standards in everything I have ever done, including cleaning. No business will be successful without good cleaning. It is the first thing people notice and comment on in every industry including your home. 

In 2016 I had a 2 and 4 year old at home after giving up work to start a family. Out of the blue I was asked to help someone as a one off cleaning her home for family coming to stay. I knew I was good at cleaning and could work around my girls and after all it was only a one off. By the time I was finished the lady I was helping told me that she didn't expect such a good job and requested that I visit her once a fortnight. I jumped at the opportunity. That evening she was back on the phone, she had told her friend about me and was wondering if I could go to her the opposite week. That is when it went crazy, within a month I launched my business due to demand and within two months I hired staff and we were in high demand. Everything grew from there. I found a job I was passionate about. With a background in training and assessing I passed my knowledge onto our team. We are continually updating our skills and keeping up to date with the  best products and equipment in the industry. 

We have grew far beyond my expectations which a am extremely grateful for. I fully believe we have been so successful due to our exceptional standards, the commitment and loyalty of our staff and our genuine enjoyment and commitment to be the best we can be. 


Helping others has always been important to me which is why I always do my best to hire staff locally creating jobs within our community. I do my best to work around staff needs as well as that of our clients. I offer our staff the opportunity to learn, progress and grow with the company, expanding along with us. We support charities several times a year and try to support our local community whenever we can. We are a local company, we appreciate how much the local community has supported us and we try to give back as much as we can to show our appreciation. 

Our Staff

All our staff are fully employed by M.J. Cleaning Services. We believe that by looking after our staff they will help to look after our business, meaning you will always have a great service by people who are in a job they want to be in. 

All our staff are given full training before they are left to work alone, ongoing training is carried out continually to ensure that all their skills are up to date and using the most current up to date practices. We believe in investing and developing our team, creating opportunities for people to progress within the company. 

We have good structure within our team. We have supervisors to help ensure our high standards are being maintained, while our cleaners are well versed in our practices and standards. They always go the extra mile for our clients be it making a cup of tea for them before they leave or brining in bread and milk on an icy day for our elderly clients. With commercial cleans they work fast and efficiently, following direction well ensuring everything is done as per the job sheets we create for them. 

Overall we couldn't ask for a better team.