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Here at M.J. Cleaning Services our domestic cleaning service will ensure your home shines.

We all know how busy life is, there are never enough hours in the day to do everything we want/need too. The last thing you want to do with your precious time is clean, and we don't think you should. Imagine coming home to a clean house. No need to start hoovering and dusting, its already done. Come home and do the things you love not the things you loathe. Let us take away some of that pressure and give you back some "you" time. 

We try to be as Eco friendly as we can meaning we use Environmentally friendly cleaning products where we can and are paperless when possible.
All our staff are fully employed and carefully selected to ensure your home is in safe hands. All staff are fully trained in line with our high cleaning and security standards. Everyone who works with us sign a confidentiality agreement, this ensures that all your information about anything/everything shall never be discussed with anyone at anytime. We aim to ensure you have the same uniformed cleaner/s each visit giving you peace of mind and consistency. 

We will work with you to create a tailored service specific to you, your home and your individual needs. Through years of experience, we know that everyone is different in what works for them, therefore we can visit you on a basis that suits you, should that be every day, twice a week, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a one-off it is no problem just let us know #WeMakeItHappen for you.

We price per job and not per hour, all prices are subject to VAT


We highly recommend a deep clean before you begin your regular cleans. This allows our staff to bring everything up to our high standards meaning that your regular cleans will cost less as they will be maintaining the standard rather than still trying to bring things up each week/fortnight etc.


Our prices include all products and equipment. We will bring everything with us and take it away again, meaning no need to store anything for us and no hidden costs. We only use professional products. We are happy to use any products or equipment that you supply for us please let us know if you would rather we do this. 


You will be sent an invoice after each clean, payment details can be found on the invoice. We recommend setting up a standing order for regular cleans to avoid any missed payments.

We use an automated system to keep you up to date with appointment, invoices etc. These messages are sent through email and text. You will be sent a text 1 week before your appointment to remind you. When the staff are on their way to you, they shall send you a text to let you know. This will give you an idea of how long they will be e.g., 10 minutes, within the hour etc.

*minimum booking of £40 plus VAT per visit.

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Scrubbing the Sink

Main Points of our Contract


As per our contract we can’t do any cleaning in relation to pets, please do not ask our staff to do this. This includes but is not limited to cleaning out litter trays, pet enclosures, washing pet bowls etc. 

Please do let us know about any pets in your home prior to your appointment along with anything in particular we need to know eg they are not allowed outside/in certain rooms, do not close/open certain doors etc. We can not be held responsible for any damage caused by your pets in your own home. 

Ovens, inside fridges, freezers, ironing etc are all additional services. We are happy to do these for you however these must be booked in advance at an additional cost. Ironing is taken away and returned to you within 3 days and cannot be done in your home. 

We cannot guarantee the time that your cleaner will arrive. We do guarantee the day they will be with you but unfortunately, we can never guarantee the time.  You must provide access to us the full day of your clean, failure to provide access on the day of your clean will result in you still being charged and not receiving the service. If you do not provide access, we cannot come another day or later that day.  Most clients provide us with keys, so this is not an issue for them. If we do not have keys for you, please speak to us about this so we can sort out your access issues. A lockbox is another option. We can not guarantee a certain staff member each visit, again we do try to keep the same person with you, but this is not always possible, you can absolutely let us know if you have a preference and we will try but again we cannot guarantee it.  

Unfortunately for a range of reasons we will not be able to empty bins for any of our clients. We are happy to empty internal bins which have a bin liner in them e.g. bathroom, office bins into your kitchen bin, however we will not be taking them outside or sorting recycling, if there is no bin liner, unfortunately we are unable to empty them.

Dishes cannot be washed. We are happy to load the dishwasher for you, but we can not hand wash dishes.

All staff have signed a contract saying that they will not give out their phone number to any client for any reason. Anything at all you need should be ran through the office. 

Any cancellations with less than 7 days’ notice for any reason whatsoever shall be payable in full. If you wish to change the day of your clean, please give us as much notice as possible and we will do this, if it is at all possible. If we can’t change your time, then again you must give us a full 7 days’ notice, or you will be charged in full.

Any Parking restrictions must be highlighted before your appointment and any charges eg parking meters etc are payable by the client and not M J Cleaning Services (Scotland) Ltd.


Please allow access to all rooms that you wish to be cleaned, we have had clients ask for rooms to be cleaned with only a few minutes left before the staff leave. Please do not do this.

Looking to get started?

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or looking to get a quote for your requirements.

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