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We have years pf experience when it comes to commercial cleaning. 

Our bespoke service is tailored to your own needs to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. M J Cleaning Services (Scotland) Ltd can look after all your needs be it office cleaning, restaurant, gyms and fitness suites, hairdressers and beauticians, nurseries, schools or educational establishments or any other business that you wish to have cleaned to our highest of standards then please get in touch and see how we can help you. 
Your company deserves a professional cleaning company to provide you with not only the highest of standards but also the service you deserve. We are always on hand when you need us and always happy to help. 

Office Facts. Did you know:

  • The average employee loses 9 working days a year due to sickness, some of which may be attributed to a lack of hygiene in the workplace.

  • Workplace absences caused by poor cleanliness cost the UK in excess of £7.1 billion each year.

  • 98% of office workers will contract some form of contagious illness during their professional lives due to poor workplace sanitation.

  • If desks were disinfected properly every day, sick days could be reduced by almost a third. 

  • The average office worker comes into contact with 10 million bacteria per day. 

  • Viruses such as flu can survive on unclean surfaces such as desks and telephones, computers etc for 24 hours.

  • The number of bacteria and germs on office surfaces increases by over 30% each day that the surface goes without being disinfected.

  • Dead skin flakes make up almost 70% of all dust particles. 

Cleaning Team at Work
Mopping the Floor
  • A square foot of carpet can hold over a pound of dirt before it appears to be dirty. 

  • Office desks can contain as much as 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

  • Air quality inside an office can be 5 times worse than outside.

  • Almost a third of office workers belive hat their workplace is being cleaned to a satisfactory standard. 

  • At any given time an office keyboard can carry up to 7,500 bacteria.

  • 65% of office workers share telephones and computers. An unbelievable 25,127 germs per square inch are found on a telephone alone.  

  • A quarter of buttons on water cooler systems are considered to be a chief transmitter of illnesses.

  • Three-quarters of all bathroom tap handles are considered to be chief transmitters of various diseases.

What our commercial and office cleaning can do for you.

A work environment that has not been cleaned properly could result in employees falling ill and taking time off work. A clean work environment could reduce absenteeism. 

Improved Morale! Employees who have a clean work environment are naturally more likely to be happier than those in unclean/messy environments. Employees who are happy in their work are more likely to get more work done than those who dislike their job. 

  • A professional standard.

  • Full on-site management.

  • A personal point of contact is available at all times. 

People cleaning an office
Industrial Vacuum

Our services are tailored to your business. Every company is different in what they need and like, we are here to make sure that the service you receive is exactly that. 

We only use professional cleaning products, work carried out by our fully trained, uniformed staff. 

Risk assessments are always carried out for every job. Safety data and COSHH sheets as standard. 

Looking to get started?

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or looking to get a quote for your requirements.

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